We love… Nosy Crow’s Early Learning at the Museum books

Every child needs to learn their alphabet, numbers and colours.

What if you could teach them these essentials while exploring the rich culture and history of the world at the same time?

This is the lovely premise behind Nosy Crow’s range of board books in collaboration with the British Museum.

The four chunky titles – ABC, 123, Colours and Opposites – use objects and artwork from the museum’s eclectic collection to bring concepts like letters and contrasts to life.

The brilliant books are visually engaging and stylish, with the fascinating choice of artefacts inside a perfect starting point for conversations with your child.

There’s everything from Roman coins to Fifties style toy cars to be explored.

I can see them being used far beyond the baby years, too.

The books come with a list of the items included at the back, plus a QR code to scan and find out more.

A cultured and original set to start your little one’s library.

ABC, 123, Colours and Opposites, £6.99 each, Nosy Crow.

8 thoughts on “We love… Nosy Crow’s Early Learning at the Museum books

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  1. We took the Opposites book out of the library today on your recommendation. Freddy thought the happy coconut man was the best picture. We also had a lovely National Trust A to Z (by Nosy Crow).

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