We love… Once Upon A Star by James Carter and Mar Hernandez

A bright star went out this week with the death of Stephen Hawking.

He was a man who pushed boundaries in whatever he did, demonstrating the wonder of the universe and the power of the human spirit to all of us.

Watching a documentary about his life and legacy the other night, I recalled how much my mind was blown about concepts like space, black holes and stars as a child. It still is, to be honest.

I mean, where IS the end of the universe? And how did it start from nothing?

These are topics addressed in the most beautiful way in Once Upon A Star.

Published last week, this children’s book combines the story of the Big Bang with poetic text, bold typography and distinctive illustrations.

I found the colour palette and artwork by Mar Hernandez especially stylish and there’s also a plush cover with inset lettering.

I love the collision of non-fiction and rhyme too, which poet James Carter has balanced beautifully. Some science books for little ones can read too much like a list of facts.

Any child pondering over the mysteries of how the universe was created would be reassured by this book and it makes a stunning gift too.

A lovely way to ensure Stephen Hawking’s legacy lives on.

Once Upon A Star by James Carter and Mar Hernandez. £11.99 (hardback), Caterpillar Books

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