How to save the world with Dr Seuss

Today is Earth Day, a global celebration of our planet and the steps we can take to protect it.

The event started in America in 1970 and a year later, Dr Seuss published his eco-fable, The Lorax.

It told the tale of a gruff but lovable creature who was determined to speak up for the trees and rally against the mindless progress and the corporate greed that threatens Earth and life upon it.

The story explains the dangers of destroying our natural resources to young readers but in the writer’s trademark zany, tongue-twisting way.

We especially love the illustrations and the dark, dank colours of the world after the Once-ler has done his worst compared to the vibrant forest of Truffula trees beforehand.

Apparently it was Dr Seuss’s favourite of his books because he could address the environmental and economic issues that made him angry without being dull.

The Lorax was way ahead of its time and sadly it seems more necessary than ever as we watch the likes of Donald Trump trying to rip up painstakingly negotiated rules about reducing emissions all for the sake of greed.

To mark Earth Day, a gorgeous special edition of The Lorax has been published by HarperCollins Children’s, so a new generation of eco-warriors can be inspired by the character’s words of wisdom.

The How To Save The Planet edition comes in a special slipcase and is printed on 100 per cent recycled paper.

The endpapers also contain a pledge for readers to promise to help The Lorax by turning off lights, picking up rubbish, turning off taps and recycling everything they can.

It’s a lovely touch and the perfect lesson to teach your child today.

The Lorax: Special How To Save The Planet Edition by Dr Seuss. £14.99 (hardback), HarperCollins Children’s

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