We love… the Baby 101 books


It’s the question that strikes panic into the heart of every parent. What the devil are they going to ask now – and will I be able to answer?!

Since turning three, Baby Bookworm has morphed into a mini Paxman, probing with a dogged determination that requires a sharpness of mind that this mother to a newborn does not possess right now.

While his dad and I may hold two degrees, a masters and two successful careers in the fields of journalism and engineering between us, neither one could really answer the enquiry: “What is the white bit of my eye? What is it for?”

I mean, what did parents do before Google?!

Thankfully, the Baby 101 board books by Jonathan Litton are now here to help you provide accurate information.

This non-fiction series takes STEM topics (all the educational rage these days) back to basics and explains them in easy terms that even a baby might understand. Hence the name “101”.

The illustrations by Thomas Elliott are colourful and eye-catching, with a cast of baby boffins helping to make learning fun and answering those burning questions in a child-friendly fashion.

The final spread of each book includes a flap to reveal the characters doing a fun activity related to the topic.

The first two titles – Anatomy and Botany – came out in 2018 and I actually picked up a copy of the latter at the start of this year when we were going through potty training and pregnancy. Both prompted a lot of body-related questions from our inquisitive little chap.

The series has since expanded to include Architecture, Engineering, Zoology and Economics.

We read the latter at bedtime last night and as I explained about how trade, prices and employment work, it struck me that a fair few adults in this country (particularly some rather powerful and supposedly bright ones) could do with a copy…

Now we just need them to publish Brexit for Babies. I could definitely do with someone explaining that to me.

The Baby 101 series by Jonathan Litton, illustrated by Thomas Elliott, has six titles and is published by Caterpillar. £5.99 each.

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