We love… Jane Foster’s Let’s Eat!

They say you can’t improve on perfection.

But for those of us who adore Jane Foster’s bold board books, the two newest titles from the textile designer are arguably her best yet.

Let’s Eat! and Dress Up! take her bestselling Scandi and Sixties-inspired first concept books and make them INTERACTIVE!

Jane Foster's Let's Eat!Jane Foster's Let's Eat!

Yes, there are now flaps to lift, wheels to spin and sliders to push, as the books take your child through the different meals of the day and helping the animals to put on their outfits.

Our copy of Let’s Eat! was devoured with relish by Baby Bookworm the moment I handed it to him. He loved buttering the toast, peeling the banana and pouring the milk.

Jane Foster's Let's Eat!
Baby Bookworm got stuck in, pouring the juice and buttering the toast.
Jane Foster's Let's Eat!
He couldn’t resist taking a slice of the chocolate cake. It looks delicious!

The artwork is fabulous and the pages really sturdy, to withstand little fingers.

Extra bonus points for nice healthy choices too, such as salad with the dinner time pizza.

Jane Foster's Let's Eat!

They are the ideal next stage read for Foster fans who are ready to move on from her original range of city guides, seasonal celebrations and first concept books.

Just delicious!

Jane Foster’s Let’s Eat! and Dress Up! are published by Templar and cost £9.99 each. Available from Amazon

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