Activities: Read a rainbow

I can sing a rainbow… but can you read one?

Today we set ourselves a homeschool challenge to collect books in the different colours of the rainbow and make a picture out of them.

The task was inspired by all the beautiful #chasetherainbow pictures we are seeing in the windows of houses on our daily walks during the UK coronavirus lockdown.

This simple trend is a beautiful symbol of hope and solidarity during this scary pandemic, not to mention a thank you to all the NHS staff and key workers who are making sacrifices and risking their own lives to keep us safe.

Sorting our books into colour piles

Baby Bookworm loved collecting piles of different colours and it was nice for us to discover old favourites on the shelves, as well as enjoy looking at all the stunning covers. The only difficulty was stopping him picking up the books to read before we had finished!

We ended up using 79 books for our rainbow – we could have made it a bit bigger but there wasn’t the space in our lounge! I couldn’t resist adding Rainbow by Jane Cabrera as a finishing touch at the bottom.

The finishing touch

Unlike the song, the actual colours of a rainbow are red-orange-yellow-green-blue-indigo-violet. We went with light and bright blue for the blue element and dark and navy blue for indigo.

Our next task will be reading all of them. It might take some time but we are not short of that at the moment…

Our finished rainbow!

We would love all the bookworms out there to create their own #readarainbow pictures too. Please share them with us on social media and don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtag.

Don’t have space for a full rainbow arch on the floor? Why not try arranging the books on your shelves into colour order? Or try a book spine one!

A rainbow shelfie!
Anyone can make a book spine rainbow

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