Win a pair of Ladybird books for an online storytime

This week I had a brainwave.

We’ve been sharing bedtime stories online with grandparents since the lockdown began, as a way to be together virtually when we can’t physically.

And then I realised that we have three retired teachers within the family. Perhaps they could help Baby Bookworm with a bit of the nursery education he is currently missing out on?

A quick WhatsApp was sent and within minutes I had private tutors all lined up to do half an hour a week of phonics and numeracy, to prepare him ahead of starting school in September, give me a break and give the generations another way to connect.

Not only that but it would relieve the constant nagging guilt that I am not doing enough to give my eldest the developmental opportunities he needs and that I am neglecting the youngest while I try to provide those.

According to a survey by Ladybird children’s books, 81.6 per cent of UK parents with nursery age children said they had, or were looking in to, arranging a few hours of digital babysitting a week with a grandparent, friend or carer, to get work done, clean the house or simply breathe.

Quite frankly I am not surprised. Anyone with preschoolers knows it is IMPOSSIBLE to work and look after wee ones. If Baby Bookworm isn’t chewing my ear off, demanding snacks and using me as a climbing frame, his little brother is crawling into dangerous situations, or needing a breastfeed or a nappy change.

Those questioned said more than half of children would enjoy online storytelling, with a quarter doing arts and crafts online and spelling practice third.

Now the lovely folks at Ladybird are running a daily competition to help families in these efforts, giving away a pair of matching books to a separated duo to enjoy over the phone or a video call.

For your chance to win, just head to and submit your child’s name. They will be picking a winner every day of lockdown.

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