Crafts: Make an Elmer the Elephant headdress

One of our lockdown highlights has been enjoying the fabulous Crafty Tales online sessions with Storycraft Theatre.

The York-based storytelling duo run 50 minute classes for two-to-five year olds, which incorporate a simple book-themed craft followed by a fun, interactive telling of the same story with some sneaky educational bits throw in.

One of our favourite sessions so far has been based on the classic
David McKee character Elmer – and we wanted to share the colourful craft with you.

Thank you to Cassie and Janet from Storycraft for letting us steal their brilliant make – and here’s how to do it…

3 pieces of A4 coloured card, in different colours
Glue, sellotape or a stapler (or all three for added security!)
A pencil


1 Choose the colour card you would like for the headband and fold it down the middle lengthways. Cut along the fold, then fold one piece lengthways again and cut that.

2 Take the two strips and stick them together to make the headband, so that is comfortably fits your child’s head.

3 Choose the colour card you would like for the ears. Fold it in half widthways. With the fold on the left, draw a large number three, leaving space for a little cardboard flap.

4 Cut out your ears so that you have two pieces. Then stick them to the sides of your headband.

5 Take the final piece of card. Fold it lengthways like in step 1, cut and do the same again.

6 Stick the pieces together at one end to make your long trunk. Then fold it like a concertina with quite wide folds.

7 Stick one end of the concertina to the headband, folding it over the top edge and sticking it to the back.

8 And your Elmer headdress is ready to wear!

To book Crafty Tales sessions, visit You can also find lots of free craft ideas on their Instagram page

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